Dynamic Price Plan

What is Dynamic Price Plan?

  • Multi-Currency system based on Country IP
  • Discount Coupon system
  • Country restriction package/currency/price
  • Static Plans
  • Dynamic Plans  (sliders)
  • Every user got unique package


Basic Settings (NVX Theme Settings)

Trial package still configuration in Chatpion core

Dynamic Price Plan – ON or OFF, if on Dynamic only, if off then Chatpion core pricing

Show Fixed Plan – for now not applied, now auto detect fixed plans then show or not

Show plans using Country IP location – its using MaxMind GeoLite2 to check country by IP, recommend: first create worldwide package then restriction for country

Show field to enter coupons – show field for apply coupon in checkout package

MAXMIND API KEY FOR GEOLITE2 – API key for MaxMind GeoLite2, you can get here:
Make account here: https://www.maxmind.com/en/geolite2/signup
Generate key here: https://www.maxmind.com/en/accounts/current/license-key

After put API KEY you need click “Download Database from MaxMind” and sometimes click it for update database Country IP (example, once per week)

Test MaxMind – its return array from code, if you see country name then works fine


Edit Dynamic Price Plan

PACKAGE NAME – its for now using for generate package names

Period 1 – im using it for monthly charges, apply fixed price only when package is FIXED (static)
Period 2 – im using it for yearly charges, apply fixed price only when package is FIXED (static)

PAYMENT METHODS – select availably payments to this package

COUNTRY RESTRICTION – select country where package show (MaxMind DB must be downloaded, if not then showing only worldwide)

FIXED PLAN – static plan, similar to Chatpion Core

STATUS – active or disabled package

ORDER PACKAGE (APPLY FOR FIXED PLAN) – order showing package in list in fixed plan


COLLECT DATA FOR INVOICE – show details to collect name, business name, VAT number etc

CHECK FOR EU VAT AND SET VAT TO 0% – if you are in EU then create package without your country to change VAT 0% based on API check VAT UE active status



ENABLED – availably to buy or not or for free

SET AS FREE – if ENABLED then this tool pack is for free auto apply, if free use one line config for Dynamic Configuration

SLIDER UNIT (DEFAULT 1) – steps in sliders for dynamic price plan

MAX VALUE FOR SELECT – max value to select in slider,
if is_unlimited = 1 then use min value is_unlimited,
example: 250000;39;35;1 then use 250000

if you use FIXED PLAN then add only one line config
min_value is using for set user package if is_unlimited is 0
price_1 and price_2 is ignored for fixed plan
every config in one line

if is_unlimited is checked (1) then price_1 and price_2 has fixed price

Example for dynamic price plan slider with breakpoints (in top page edit plan you have generator for it line by line)


In this case: 1000;1;1;0 slide value 1500 has price calculation 1500 * 1

In this case: 250000;39;35;1 slider value 250000 is unlimited and price is 39 or 35


Some exceptions:

Utility: support one line with min_value = 1
Image Editors: support one line with min_value = 1
Hidden Interest: support one line with min_value = 1

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