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Additionally, if you are planning a launch announcement, please review our PR guidelines at & reach out to in advance to coordinate around any communications.

Fill in with your own text as much as possible.

  1. Register account:
  2. Provide API in configuration addon.
  3. Go to:
  4. Fill Contact Information
  5. High-Level Use-Case Information
  6. Have you reviewed OpenAI’s use-case guidelines?
  7. Please describe what your company and application does.
    My company provide application for marketing (Facebook, Email marketing etc.)
    Im use OpenAI for help people write text.
  8. Which OpenAI API features does your application use?
    GPT-3 (natural language)
  9. What is the primary use case of your application?
    Writing assistance/automation
  10. Has your application been reviewed by OpenAI previously? What was the outcome of this review? How does this submission relate to the prior review?
    If its your first time make this form: Im first time complete review.
  11. What $-value monthly quota would you like to request?
    Im provided: 100 USD
  12. Please link to a short video demonstration of your application.
    demo video, do not use my video:
  13. Please share a log-in credential the OpenAI team can use to demo/test your application.
    URL to app:
    Direct URL to Content Generator:
  14. Security and Risk Mitigation
  15. What is the maximum number of user-inputted characters sent in each prompt?
  16. What are the maximum output tokens for a run of your application?
  17. Please provide some examples of the prompts you’re using to generate content.
    Write article about [user_keywords]. Use language English.
    Write bullets for article about [user_keywords]. Use language English.
  18. Who are the typical users of your application? How do you authenticate them, and how much are they charged (if anything)?
    Small business owners, marketing agency, copywriters. Im use Facebook login, Google Login and email and password.
  19. Please describe any safety, security, or risk mitigation features implemented in your application.
    Every user has limited Credits or character limit for generate text. All request is saved to database for future improve prompts. Every prompts has included user_id. Im also checking for future limits like api calls per user. User need review text and copy and paste before publish. Im added also Content Filter for checking unsafe text.
  20. What, if any, is the relationship between your application and social media or political content?
    My application is marketing platform mainly for marketing agency.
  21. If your team has particular credentials or background that may help to mitigate any risks described above, please elaborate here.
    All processes are monitored and if any abuse is noticed, further restrictions and limits will be added.
  22. Anything else you would like to share? We love feedback!
    not need
  23. Send it.
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