DirectAdmin Integration


  • Dedicated Server / VPS / Reseller account with DirectAdmin
  • Login Keys and API allowed for DirectAdmin
  • New main domain for DirectAdmin (short domain recommend)
  • For Mautic: PHP v7.4 as default (php_1)
  • Softaculous (free version enought)


  1. First prepare DirectAdmin properly:
  2. Set Default PHP version 7.4 (php_1)
  3. Install plugin Softaculous for DirectAdmin
  4. Create Reseller account in DirectAdmin
  5. Log in to Reseller
  6. Create Package
  7. Add domain in Reseller
  8. If you have a problem to create subdomains for users use this instruction:
  9. Generate Login key for Reseller (select all perms)
  10. Go to Chatpion your_domain_tld/n_hosting/config
  11. Provide all information and click save. Sometimes page need refresh after save to see changes.
  12. Assign hosting and/or Mautic to packages.
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