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WhatsApp Addon for Chatpion

Original price was: $997,00.Current price is: $397,00.

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WhatsApp Addon Offer pre-order

IMPORTANT! You need or your client need follow WhatsApp Commerce Policy:

IMPORTANT2! You need to apply as BSP (WABA) if you want to provide service for end-customers or use another BSP – If we need I can get a good offer for us. BSP guide:

IMPORTANT3! I use Cloud API. Not On-Premises API. More information:

IMPORTANT4! When addon ready? 2-4 months from June 2022

Only one phone number can be used on a platform at a time (Cloud API or On-Premises). Can’t use Twilio, Addon and whatsapp accounts at a time. 


Features based on Cloud API documentation.

Cloud API FAQs:


Addon Function:

  • Chatbot Flow Builder (User Initiated and/or Business Initiated – client can decide)
  • Condition, analytics etc included in Flow Builder
  • Send messages to contacts WhatsApp – template (Business Initiated)
  • Send Confirmation Order (Business Initiated)
  • Account Register to API
  • Labels in Addon
  • Contact / segments manager + custom fields
  • Integration with Mautic
  • Broadcasts (bulk campaigns)
  • Quick replies with multiple messages
  • Inbox + Chat notes + Bookmark messages + Forward messages
  • Webhooks & API
  • Bulk import contacts


Messaging Features:

  • Business Profile
  • Text Messages and Text-Based Templates
  • Image Messages and Image-Based Templates
  • Document Messages and Document-Based Templates
  • Audio Messages
  • Video Messages and Video-Based Templates
  • Stickers
  • Reply To
  • Buttons
  • Contacts (not in template)
  • Static Locations (not in template)
  • Dynamic Reply Buttons
  • List Messages
  • Single and Multi-Product Message (integrate with ecommerce)
  • Mark Messages as Read


Send Message Templates Features:

  • Text-based message templates
  • Media-based message templates
  • Interactive message templates


To receive Cloud API messages, the user must be using at least the following versions of each platform: (WhatsApp App)

  • Android:
  • SMBA:
  • iOS:
  • SMBI:
  • KaiOS: 2.2130.10
  • Web: 2.2132.6


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