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Re-design Dashboard ChatPion / XeroChat

(1 customer review)

Original price was: $197,00.Current price is: $137,00.


Policy price for this product:

Pre-version 2.0 price: 127 USD
Sale price: 147 USD
Regular price: 197 USD


Why such a price?

I want to increase the attractiveness and uniqueness of SaaS XeroChat for people who will buy the fresh look of the panel. Therefore, I want fewer people who will have a fresh look for a higher price. This process will create better buyers’ offers.


Promotions will only be on Black Friday or during the holiday season in the case of the template.


Does it support all addons? What about addons not yet released?

Yes, the first release will support all addons. If there are new addons, support will be added usually within 7 days.


What files from XeroChat Core have been changed?

One file has been changed and has not been updated once. This allowed me to create a setting which template will be loaded. The rest of the files create new folders that do not interfere with Core XeroChat.


You will be able to switch between XeroChat Original and NVX theme without any problem.


Will there be a template configurator?

Yes, the template configurator will be soon added. It will allow you to change colors, dark-light mode, and some other options. People who buy the pre-order will have a real impact on the configurator.


Can XeroChat be updated?

Xerochat can be updated without any problems. In the event of major changes to the templates, an update will be made, if required.


Is NVX addons linked to the modern design guaranteed?

Addons by NVX will work seamlessly with the template and will get additional features in the template.


Has the front also changed?

No, just a dashboard with login.


Are template updates free?

Updates will always be free.


Is the XeroChat Extended license supported?

XeroChat Extended license is supported.


0. General
– Changed all views
– Flow builder custom style
– All addons supported
– Arabic translation included
1. Theme Settings:
– Hide login via email on login page
– Color schemes: Semi dark, Dark and Light layout
– Use NVX theme or defualt login page style
– Different logo for color scheme
– Greetings near accout name (show or hide)
– Example dashboard statistics button (show or hide)
– Animated/static helper button with poup on every pages
– Import account alert/redirect if user not connect Facebook Account
– Show/Hide Download Template from saved templates
– Menu manager is_external open in new cart?
– Appearence Settings (colors, fonts, icons)
– Advanced Support for other my addons
2. Special pages:
– Help page editor for every language (content not included)
– FAQ page editor for every languages (content not included)
– Login page editor (replace image)
– SignUp page editor (replace image)
– Account activation page editor (replace image)
– Forgot password page editor (replace image)
3. Dashboard:
– New dashboard for Chatpion
– Dashboard section editor for every languages
– Dashboard welcome modal for every languages
– PWA Mode
– Alerts editor
– Integration with Kanban / To Do list NVX addon
– Image croppper
4. Marketing:
– Show renew button for trial package and before expire X days
– OneSignal Integration
– NVX Payment Gateways works with theme
5. Price Plan:
– Price plan FAQ editor (content not included)
– Dynamic Price Plan (calculator)
6. Language:
– Icon near changer language
– Advanced support for RTL
7. Ecommerce:
– Theme builder
– Custom domain (user can connect any domain)
– Redesign dashboard (easier for users)
– Sound bell for new orders
– 2 step complete order
– Shipping zones (custom prices for delivery methods)
– Delivery methods
– New custom dashboard with statistics
– Webhook (order / product)
– Category description text
– Sitemap
– PWA Mode
– Category views (with description and image)
– Pagination
– Contact page
– Image croppper (products, category)
8. Ecommerce Theme Builder (most important):
– a lot settings moved to theme builder
– Welcome modal with editor
– block ctrl + c
– Global alert when store is closed
– change a lot styles, colors, fonts
– OneSignal Integration
– AddThis Integration
– Custom HTML code before </body>
– Custom HTML code before </head>
– SEO Settings
– Multi Language store*
– Custom CSS Field
– Sticky and floating menu
– Section Editor (you can add slider etc)
– Custom store front
– Pagination for category
9. Upcoming:
– HTML Email editor WYSYWIG
– Visual flow builder css settings
– Ecommerce: More section editor for ecommerce (like footer)
– Ecommerce: Template manager
– Test message admin email template
– Ecommerce: One Page Design for Restaurants
– Ecommerce: dark mode
– Ecommerce: login via Facebook
– Landing Page builder for Thank You page (email double optin)
– Rename payment gateways
– Credit SMS Gateway (FakeAPI)
– Subcategory for ecommerce
– Menu editor for ecommerce
– Update for Bootstrap 5
– Custom Domain Ecommerce: XML FEED for Facebook and Google

1 review for Re-design Dashboard ChatPion / XeroChat

  1. William Leong (verified owner)

    The theme is very nice, worth for waiting!
    I hope developer keep update and maintain to make it perfect, request feature: add in search option and knowledge base.
    Thank you & Stay safe

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